Artwork: Ajdin Bašić & Jure Lavrin



35th Druga Godba: Line-up

BCUC, Bakalina Velika, DakhaBrakha, Kokoroko, Liniker e os Caramelows, Yonatan Gat and many more at the 35th Druga Godba festival, Ljubljana ...


Opening act for Neneh Cherry concert

Charlotte Adigéry is a Belgian-Caribbean musician, whose synth pop tells stories you can always dance to. Her Creole-English-French lyrics open ...


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Druga godba added a post. [OBVEZNO ČTIVO] #doublebill v Sobotni prilogi @casnik_delo #nenehcherry #supercool #interview #plus #great #article #thankyou

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facebook 22.02. 2019

Druga godba added a post. 'Charlotte Adigéry compiles a playlist of 1980s creole dance music and obscure caribbean jams. Featuring Top Digital who combine grunge inspired guitars with compas rhythms and Les Vikings De La…

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Druga godba added a post. Prelepa retrospektiva ustvarjalnega opusa Neneh Cherry. Nslednji torek pa v živo ⏳NENEH CHERRY + Charlotte Adigéry @ Kino Šiška

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Druga godba added a post. Seconds away from NENEH CHERRY + Charlotte Adigéry @ Kino Šiška. Figuratively speaking, of course. Get your tickets before they vanish: http://bit.ly/nenehcherrytickets

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